Astro-map for Bill Clinton

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This Astro-map is a combination of two different mapping techniques.  One of them is referred to as 'Astrocartography' and the other is called 'Local Space'.  

Of primary importance in the Astro-map is the realization that we are projecting the planets, Sun and Moon, etc. of a natal astrology chart onto the surface of the earth.  In the sky above the earth each celestial body in question is somewhere directly above the earth at its zenith.  By correlating these positions to their geographical placements we have references points for the planetary lines of the astromap.   See the planetary positions on the world map for Bill Clinton. 

Astrocartography is a mapping technique showing where on the earth  planetary lines trace out the location of the planets position while located on one of the 4 major angles.  It has been determined that planets at these 4 angles are strongest in their expression, and as a result of this have a much stronger impact on the affairs of one's daily life.  Probably the best example we can use to describe what the 4 angles represent is to use the sun in its daily cycle.  These 4 angles signified in a birth chart correspond to the sun's position at SUNRISE (referred to as the AS ascendant or rising), NOON (referred to as the MC mid-heaven), SUNSET (or DC descendant)and MID-NIGHT (when the sun is at its nadir or IC).  They represent the structure of the day cycle and establish the framework of an astrological chart.  In the same way we could speak of a Moon-rise, set, mid-heaven and nadir.  For every planet or celestial body we can identify these 4 major angular positions and where in the world you would need to be in order to experience them on an angle.   By looking at the astro-map, in a glance you could see where the angular positions of the planets were at your birth as related to a map of the world.  

Also of significance would be where two planets are on the angles at the same time at the same location.  An example of this would be one planet on the eastern horizon AScending while the other planet  was due south at its zenith -MC- like the noon sun would be for us in the northern hemisphere.   Not only would this particular area be strongly influenced by the indicated angular planetary lines, but also any location in the world along the same geograpical latitude would partake of this influence.  This latitude is emphasized by the motion of the earth's daily spin.  These are referred to as planetary crossings or as parans and are seen on the above astromap as the yellow horizontal lines.  

This astrological mapping technique referred to as astrocartography was pioneered by the late Jim Lewis and has become the most popular method for astromapping.   But by itself it is incomplete in identifying lines of planetary influence that we are capable of mapping onto the surface of the earth.  Therefore we have several other astromapping methods that allow for a more comprehensive analysis of the energetics of our astrological pattern.

Local Space is a mapping technique that identifies the influence of planetary directions.  On the astromap you will see lines emanating out from your birthplace towards the positions of the planets, Sun and Moon.  It shows at the moment of your birth in which direction on the horizon points toward the location of any particular celectial body of interest.  These planetary positions as mapped on the horizon are the basis for our use of the Local Space chart.  For example, if a child were born at the time when the sun was setting to the west,  you could draw a line directly towards where the sun is located on the western horizon and map that  line as a direction of influence that will remain throughout the life of the child.  That direction of orientation would partake of the nature of the sun's energy for that child.  So traveling in the direction as mapped by the sun at the time of your birth would attune you to the creative, purposeful influences, etc. that are an indication of the sun's energy as describe by astrological prognosis.  This would be true for each planetary direction.  

Since each of the 4 directions has a quality that describes its influence, this also is a consideration when understanding the nature of planetary direction lines.  The East is considered the place of Ilumination, of awakening consciousness, of self-initiative.  It corresponds to the time of Spring.  The South is the place of growth, nurturing, innocence and trust.  It corresponds to the Summer.  The West is the direction of intospection, of right relationship, of objective awareness to external circumstances.  It corresponds to the time of fall.  The North is the direction of purification and self-renewal.  It corresponds to the time winter.   Traveling along planetary direction lines will  bring the influence of the planetary quality into greater manifestation in an individuals life.  Any planetary direction lines that are within several degrees of measurement to one of the 4 cardinal directions becomes prominent in its expression in the life of the individual.  Planets that are on the horizon or directly above at the zenith or below at the nadir of the location of interest are also very powerful indicators affecting one's life experience and expresssion.

Looking at the astro-map of Bill Clinton we can see from his birthplace a local space directional line heading right for Washington, D.C.  This line is attributed to the nodal axis of the moon which is sometimes referred to as the 'line of destiny'.  This line which is an expression of the moon's influence is an indication of how we grow and develop toward the fulfilment of our life's purpose through meaningful encounters with others.  As you can see it takes him right to the nation's capitol.

From an astrocartography pespective we see the rising or ascending line of Chiron also passing through the Washington, D.C. area.  In mythology, Chiron is the great wisdom teacher.  As mentioned in an earlier article Chiron can be an indication where one can express great creative potential yet also where one usually has to come to terms with some 'wounded' aspect of one's nature.

Another indication from astrocartography are the rising lines of Jupiter and Venus which straddle the east coast.  These planets are traditionally known as the greater and lesser benefics and are a general indication of fortune, fame and success.  In mythology, Jupiter is the ruler of Olympus.  His influence is one of social and political power, therefore there is a tendency for social advancement, priveledge and leadership roles.  Venus is the mythological goddess of love.  Her influence brings into expression social popularity and  appeal.  There is a desire for pleasure through music, art and the intimacy of relationship.  Together these two planets are a powerful combination as they find expression through the Ascendant which shows how we come forth and meet the world.  It gives faith, optimism and success in achieving personal and social goals.  

Also of interest are the planetary crossings (parans) of Venus / Neptune and Venus / Uranus which reside around the lattitude of Washington, D.C.  Venus is already a prominent influence in this area as it resides near the ascendant of Bill Clinton's chart.  Together with Neptune it can express in lofty and visionary ways to find ideal solutions to social problems and considerations.  Venus / Neptune combinations can also express in the personal life as an inclination to fantasy and clandestine relationship.  The Venus / Uranus combination can be one of progessive social idealism and the love of the unique and the unusual.  But it can also express as a tendency for uncoventional and reckless attractions.   The paran of Venus and Neptune in the Washington, D.C. area also re-emphasizes a strong pattern in his natal chart.   

Bill Clinton's natal chart has a conjuntion of Mars, Venus and Neptune on his ascendant with Chiron and Jupiter close by located in his first house.   His inspirational creativity and leadership initiative represented by this combination of planets also had a less desireable side which obviously flirted with a tendency for self-undoing (Neptune) through his well known sexual (mars-venus) scandals.  These planetary influences which are stongly placed in Bill Clintons natal chart found full expression on the east coast of the United States especially the Washinton, D.C. area as indicated by the before mentioned parans.

As you can see with this very brief review of Bill Clinton's astromap, the information that is provided by the map shows the dominant planetary influences that described his experience of the Washington, D.C. area in particular, and the east coast in general.  

The use of an astromap shows at a glance where the planetary influences have the strongest and most focused expression in one's life experience.   Though not all places of interest or importance in one's life correspond to a planetary line or necessarily have to.  There are also other methods of astro-mapping which include techniques that are derived from the geodetic and the prime vertical charts.  These methods are not as popular as the first two mentioned but also give significant results. 

Of great importance is the relocation of the natal chart which is cast as if the birth took place at the same time but in the new location.  Usually, there will be a shift of planetary positions from that of the natal chart, therefore new avenues of expression for the planets through the new house placements of the relocated chart.  Unfortunately, if one doesn't travel far enough there won't be any significant shifts of the planetary placements from those of the natal chart.  Close aspects to the relocated chart angles are of primary importance.  There use of planetary mid-points to the relocated angles are also valid and bring to bear additional influences which can condition the nature of one's experience in a particular location.

Another very interesting method is the relocated Local Space chart which can be of real interest.   This chart method measures planetary positions along the horizon.  It is unique in this manner and is the astrological expression for the Native American Medicine Wheel.  By comparing positions of the relocated chart to the natal, we can see the potential overlay of planetary influences that may act as a catalyst for the triggering of events and personal growth dynamics.  Since the Local Space technique of planetary direction lines can be used within one's community or within the home, it can also be used as an astrological Feng Shui when determining the energy dynamics within one's personal or professional space.  

Looking at the charts gives a fuller perspective than just the maps by themselves, but the maps bring the most dominant influences out for one's recognition of the possibilities they represent.  It is a very fascinating subject of study as we come to understand that our consciousness is projected upon the planet.  That we are truly one with the earth...

To be continued...

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