Neptune - mythic god of the seas

Netune as god of the seas is an influence that opens us to a greater sense of connectedness with life.  The sea is a symbol of the collective consciousness where everything merges together in a unified whole.  Water always seeks the common denominator.  Rivers and streams flow fed by the rains, always seeking entrance into a larger body of relatedness;  lakes, inland seas and oceans.

The great waters of the ocean move as waves.  Each wave temporarily unique in an ocean of waves.  But each wave returns back to the ocean, back to the unity of the greater whole...
What we see as the solidity of our reality is but the play of atoms and molecules in a unified field of consciousness.  We as individuals are like the waves, seemingly seperate and expressive in our uniqueness, but eventually returning back to the source of our oneness.  Neptune is the symbol for this cosmic source which represents the spiritual state.  Everything that we on the material plane consider as solid reality is what the Buddha referred to as the 'illusion of appearances'.   This play of consciousness is the enactment of a great dream, seemingly real, yet only the school ground for evolving souls.  Because we as individuals in our conscious awareness defined by the rational mind and the ego are only using about 10% to 20% of our conscious potential.  The rest is contained in the unconscious mind which is linked to the collective unconscious.

Because we are living in the third dimension (3D) we are learning about the nature of duality and the limitations of physical embodiment (Saturn).  By awakening to the Oneness of the Spirit we allow ourselves a greater sense of self-realization.  Through awakened dream states and mystical visions we gain access to the ocean of consciousness that contains the myths and collective images that guide the soul of humanity.  Through this journey of  awakening we realize that all are in a unified field of consciousness, and that there is a Spiritual Truth embodied by Great Masters of Wisdom that can inspire our efforts.  Therefore we begin to step beyond the conditioning of the ego-self and the illusionary concepts of seperation and duality and begin to reconcile our unique sense of selfhood with that of the planetary consciousness.   This sense of expanded awareness must be grounded in a practical way and usually will find expression in some sort of work for the well-being of the social whole...

Even if one hasn't experienced the visionary consciousness of a mystic, they still can be touched by this sense of oneness.  Many are moved to help those who are in unfortunate conditions.  Save the children, save the whales,  save the rainforests, etc... these are expressions of the Neptunian influence.  Make the world a better place for all to share in.  The urge for the ideal society that is expressed in the true vision of what democracy and communism claimed to be their goal.  Unfortunately, its not easy to acheive the ideal.  Many are the false and broken dreams that people have suffered through in this process.  Spiritual community is another example of this as many fall into the constraints of cultism.

To journey across the Great Water requires that one no longer navigate by familiar landmarks (social convention - Saturn), for as soon as one loses sight of the land attention must be reorientated to the position / motion of the Sun or to familiar star patterns (spiritiual teachings) in the night sky in order to keep from getting lost at sea.  To be lost at sea because one has gone beyond the boundries of their familiar reality is to enter into a place of fear and confusion.  Here one must maintain courage and faith as the need to navigate to safety must confront the power of the unknown.  Though the intersession of the Spirit (the wind in our sails) we can find ourselves led on to lands with new possibilities.  Like Christopher Columbus journeying across the sea to the Americas, will the new discovery be dominated by old world mentality or will it truly lead to a new level of world consciousness?

With Neptune we have the possibility of opening our awareness to a greater sense of unity, creative imagination and spiritual perception.  But with this opening we can also find ourselves in situations where the ideal can become disillusionment.  Broken promises and hearts; false teachers and misleading appearances are some of the negetive expressions of Neptune.  The inability to face reality as it is can result in untruthfulness or the desire for escapism through fantasy, drugs, alcohol or any other addictive / mood altering behavior.  This need for a vacation from mundane reality can be as innocent as going to the movies or participating in some form of creative expression or spiritual discipline.  How one integrates the practical with the ideal, overcomes dissappointment or disillusionment and sees through any false pretenses will reveal the quality of one's characater and the success of manifesting their dreams.

Neptune's position in the birth chart and any aspects it makes to the personal planets will indicate how open one is to its spiritualizing influence.  Through various means of creativity it allows for an inspirational expression through the medium of music, film, writing, art, romance, politics, religion or metaphysical science, etc...     Neptune's influence is a key to inspirational consciousness.  By difficult aspect natally or by transit Neptune can correlate with life circumstances where confusion and unclarity can be detrimental to the fulfilling of goals or aspirations.  There can be a lack of focus or practical consideration.  Sometimes subversive influences such as negetive people, behavior patterns, health conditions or limiting circumstances can lead to disillussionment or dissappointment.   Quite often escapism through alcohol and / or drugs can be an indication.  It is by redeming oneself through some sort of rebirth or baptism of Spirit that one can pick oneself up again, no longer naive to the pitfalls along the way.  Cultivating ones faith through prayer and spirtual practice will be especially important if one is to successfully meet the requirements of Neptune's influence.

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