The birth chart is a blueprint for the soul...  It reveals evolutionary patterns linked to past life dynamics and to early childhood influences that condition the circumstances of this life.  By understanding the nature of these conditioning patterns a person can begin to creatively integrate and progress on their evolutionary journey.  This journey is a pathway which is mapped in the natal chart.  It shows us the way that we can fulfill our personal myth.  It gives insight into our strengths and natural abilities that will aid us on our path.   And by understanding how the patterns of the natal chart can become activated at a present or future time, the insight gathered can be extremely valuable in helping one to navigate through lifes challenges and opportunities. 

I was greatly influenced at the beginning of my study of astrology by the late great astrologer Dane Rhudyar.  One thing that he spoke of was the perception of the birth chart projected onto the surface of the earth and the idea of sacred space surrounding us as measured in the four directions, and the zenith above and the nadir below.  This concept has always fascinated me so I pursued this way of thinking, especially in relation to the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.  Later it came to pass that an astrologer named Jim Lewis pioneered a mapping technique referred to as Astro- cartography.  From this, other methods have emerged which have inspired my use of earth centered astro-mapping techniques in my astrological practice.  Not only are we able to recognize powerful planetary indications that are difficult to identify with a traditional astrological chart, but also now we are able to have a comprehensive view of the astrological influences that affect geographical relocation.
That is to say that we can identify the quality of experience that one might encounter by relocating to a new location.  Whether our interest in relocation is for travel or for the possibility of a new place to live, the information revealed is astonishing as it describes the planetary influences / themes that have the strongest impact on our life experiences at these locations.

By understanding the dynamics of the natal chart and the issues expressed by each planetary position, we can see the unfoldment of one's life path and karma as we encounter it at various times and  locations on the earth.  This, including an up-to-date perspective derived from various methods of progression and transit analysis, allows for a comprehensive look into anyone's life circumstances.

Because we live in such remarkable times, everything is in a state of change and quickening. We are on the threshold of an historic shift in World Ages.  In response to this stimulus many people are experiencing spiritual awakenings, while also having to resolve personal issues in order to make the next step in their growth.  And thus, making pilgrimages to sacred places in order to reconnect with one's true Self has become an important aspect of self-healing and empowerment.  It is in this spirit that I present a shamanic perspective in my work as astrologer, healer and sacred earth guide.  There is a body of shamanic teachings that I wish to translate into an astrological format as a path of heart for the spiritual warrior.  This includes teachings, ceremony and energetic practices... 

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Private consultations are available for soul level astrology readings & relocation mapping.   Maps showing the placement of planetary lines are included with readings or available separately with  prewritten computer reports.

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$120 / hr. for personal consultations and readings.  Computer chart service $5 apiece for a natal, progressed, solar or lunar return, synastry or composite charts, etc. - $5 for astromaps - computer astro-relocation reports including map are $20 per location.

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An evolutionary journey for personal healing and self-actualization...