The Earth is as a living being, sacred to us because it is upon her that we live and fulfill our purpose for being.  She is as a mother and provides us with all that we need.  The earth and moon together spiral through space around our sun.  They weave a web of consciousness that we experience as a womb to our psyches.  The journey our earth makes around the sun creates the cycle of our seasons through which all of nature must travel.  With nature, we too must move through cycles of change and transformation.  This cycle around the sun is the basis of the astrological influences that direct the play of consciousness that we experience here on our planetary school ground.  It is through this cycle of change that we evolve our youthful consciousness into our wisdom nature.  Our wisdom nature is uncovered on the journey of our heart's path.  This is the journey of the Medicine Wheel.  The medicine is of the awakened consciousness as one comes to know their place of being and doing.  It speaks of the harmony and balance that can bring healing into all our relations.  It is what is referred to as The Beauty Way.  And so it is that the earth's vibrational frequency is in harmonic resonance with our hearts.  This heart beat is heard in the sound of ceremonial drum; of footsteps that dance in harmony upon the Mother for the benefit of all beings.

As the Father Sun quickens his evolutionary pace, he shifts the energy of the Mother Earth and all the other planets of his system.  Our sun is completing his 26,000 year journey around the Pleiades star system.  This is the prophesied time for the reawakening and remembrance of the ancient wisdom of many peoples.  We are being guided to reconnect with the sacredness of the earth for the renewal of our spirits.  It is the Earth Mother through her sacred places that is reawakening the people to the remembrance of this wisdom.  Her sacred places are places of power.  The earth's energy frequency at these places shifts people out of the confines of their rational conditioned minds and into an alpha brainwave state, an intuitive state that makes one receptive to receive from the Higher Mind.  This power which is moving along the planetary grid is acting as a catalyst for the shift in world consciousness that has come upon us now.  The journey through duality is intensifying as we are beginning to step up to a new paradigm of planetary consciousness.

As the earth's kundalini awakens, we are seeing an intensification of  her weather patterns, and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.  This also awakens within us our soul energies.  So we come to places of power to aid us in our remembrance.  We come to receive this energy to recharge our batteries; to renew our spirits.  Energy is consciousness.  When we run out of energy we go unconscious as we fall asleep.  While asleep we gather energy from our soul connection with the Source.  This connection to the Source was known to the Mayan and Toltec as the Kuxan Suum, the connecting link with the Universal.  As ordinary people we connect unconsciously while asleep; as shaman and mystic we can do it consciously.  While we're sleeping, we dream...   Sometimes after a vivid dream we can wake up only to have lost the memory of this dream.  The dreamtime is our link to the Higher Mind.  We can come to places of power so that this energy can help awaken us to the sacred in our dreamtime, and thus to become as conscious dreamers.  With these dreams we can walk the path of our hearts.  With these dreams, with this connection with our higher minds, we can courageously face any challenges that might cross our paths.   And as awakened dreamers we can walk a path of beauty; a path of heart.   Aho!
The Temple of Isis
Located in the back of Long Canyon is a place that I have called the 'Temple of Isis'.  In many of the sacred places throughout the red rock country, there are ceremonial shrines, ruins and pictographs.    Native American peoples have recognized these areas with great reverance...