I have set up this web page for those who might be awakening in consciousness or who are on a spiritual quest, that they might experience a powerfully transformative encounter with the mystical presence of a sacred land.  Many people are being inspired to make pilgrimages to places of power; of these, Sedona has become of great importance.  As a spiritual guide, healer and ceremonial leader my focus is to facilitate an energetic empowerment connecting you to the Earth Mother's healing energy and to your Higher Self.  We visit places of beauty and power known as vortex locations and I share information about the land and shamanic wisdom teachings.  Once we come to our desired location  and we finish with our talk I then  facilitate a safe and healing shamanic / meditative journey into the sacred space of your dreamtime.  The use of ceremonial drum, rattles, chants and flute are used to shift you into heightened states of inspired consciousness as you lay upon the red rock land of Sedona to ground and connect to Earth Mother and Sky Father energy. I use the sound vibration of the drum to vibrate directly through your body to balance your chakras, as well as the right and left hemispheres of your brain.  In this way you can connect to the power of a "sacred land" and gather the energy for personal empowerment, healing and inner peace.  I  have included some information from one of my tour flyers, so read on if you are interested in a one of a kind transformational encounter ...      
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*Experience the sacred mystery of the Sedona red rock country with shamanic guide Rahelio.  These tours are offered as an experiential journey into the awesome beauty of Sedona's mystical landscape.  Come and walk on the earth in a sacred way as we attune ourselves to the spiritual wisdom of indigenous peoples.  Experience the presence of the Ancient Ones in the rock formations and the healing power of sacred song and drum.  Learn of the earth's crystal energy grid system; Spider Woman's web - and of our relationship with places of power.  Experience the earth's vortex energy and utilize it to recreate the beauty and joy in your life.  We live in a time of great change and spiritual quickening.  Understand these changes as revealed in the Harmonic Convergence and Mayan prophecy concerning 2012 and the year 2020 as it relates to the time of the awakening of the 6th Sun.  If you're looking for more than just a sight seeing commercial vortex tour, this is the adventure for you.  In-depth shamanistic teachingsVortex-Medicine Wheel empowerments, meditations and ceremony for people of all ages and levels of understanding.  

The price for a 3 hour Mystic Tour is $130 / person, or $100 / person for 2 hours. Prices include sales tax and forest fees. Gratuities are gratefully accepted... and allow me to keep my prices lower than others.  Pay by cash, check, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle. I can do credit cards using PayPal,  for Venmo use my name Rahelio-Rodriguez and the last 4 digits of my cell phone number 9178  OR  PayPal.com using my email address rahelio@msn.com.   

Tour is under permit by the Coconino National Forest.  I have had a tour permit since 1990.   Outings are customized to the physical abilities and interests of participants with an emphasis placed on personal empowerment and spiritual attunement...  to help you connect with the silent wisdom within you and all around in the sacred red rock mountains...

***Due to the sensitivity and allergic reactions that many people have, including myself, to certain perfumes and strong essential oils such as Lavendar, Sandalwood and Pachuli, I ask that you not wear them while on a Mystic Tour or during Sweat Lodge or other ceremonial and healing activities I offer if possible... 

For information about private healing sessions scroll down to the Church section below.  Also available through private instruction is teaching for shamanic healing and energy practices, shamanic breathing and movements including Tantric Kriya Yoga and the sacred Cobra Breath.

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Private consultations for soul level astrology readings and relocation mapping.             
                                     *WEDDING CEREMONIES available

Call, text or email for availability - private & group options available.

                              Cell Phone no. (928) 593-9178    
                               email:   rahelio@msn.com                                                                               https://www.facebook.com/rahelio                       

I don't have a secretary, so with all the emails, texts and messages etc. if you haven't heard back from me please feel free to call and keep reaching out to me.  I can at times loose track of messages as they get lost in the barrage of new messages coming in.  Thank you for your understanding...

with Rahelio
Interview 'The Awakening' with Anthony Cheney
    Spiritual renewal and empowerment
Mystic Tours with Rahelio
Sacred journeys into the beauty and power of the Sedona red rock country and vortex power spots.  Shamanic teachings, drumming, songs and ceremony for personal and planetary healing... including energetic practices and Medicine Wheel / vortex empowerments...

                                                               Private Shamanic Healing Sessions
Consist of several aspects of healing including sound healing, hands on shamanic clearing, astrological consultations and sweat lodge ceremony...  These can be experienced all together or separately as private sessions that best meet the needs of the participants. 

Sound healing can include use of crystal bowls, drum, rattles, flutes, tuning forks and other sound healing instruments for vibrational attunements, aligning and clearing of Chakras, and brain hemi-sphere balancing and synchronization. This includes a dream time meditation journey and can include my method of shamanic hands-on healing which is effective in the clearing of addictions, phobias / anxieties, trauma, emotional / mental blocks, past life issues and wounded inner child dynamics...  

Also highly recommended is the reading of the astrological chart to understand the soul patterns showing past life karmic issues and early family conditions that may need to be healed.  This, as well as a deeper understanding about one's soul purpose and creative potential showing the journey to self realization.  And, of course, the astrological influences at play now and into the future affecting the flow of ones life and destiny.​   Price is $200/hour for one person - $50/hour more for each extra person...

*Inspirational nature outings to places
of power & beauty...
*Shamanic teachings, drumming,
songs & ceremony...
*Personal & planetary healing meditations & dream journeys...
*Vortex & Medicine Wheel 
Tour prices: 
2hours $100 / person
3 hours $130 / person
Prices / person include sales     tax and forest fees.  
Gratuities appreciated...
*A variety of tour options which can include sunset outings, 
Vortex and power sites, hiking, star gazing, Indian ruins etc.
Shamanic healing sessions
Astrological consultations
Wedding Ceremonies
Kriya yoga
Private & group options
  Ph 928-593-9178 cell
Rahelio  PO Box 1171 
Sedona, Az 86339
web site: www.rahelio.com   email:  rahelio@msn.com
Operation under permit by the Coconino National Forest

Medicine Wheel Teachings and Ceremony
I share in depth teachings, meditations and ceremony with the Intent of bringing harmony and well being to the Mother Earth and all sentient beings... The Medicine wheel maps cycles of time and our connection to Sacred Space.  We journey around the wheel each day through the 4 times of the day.  We journey around the wheel through the 4 seasons of the year.  And we journey around the wheel through the 4 stages of our lives as we learn to master the 4 Attributes of the Spiritual Warrior... and create a living dream of beauty and self realization...
                                                                                                         * * *

I am also available for private instruction for astrological and shamanic teachings, energy practices, breathing techniques and movements for healing and personal empowerment including Tantric Kriya Yoga and the sacred Cobra Breath.
                                                                                                         * * *
Call, text or email for availability - private & group options available.  
At this time I don't have a secretary so if you haven't heard back from me try again...

  Cell Phone no. (928) 593-9178  

As a Native American based church our focus is to recognize the living presence of the Great Spirit as expressed through our Earth Mother and Sky Father; and to walk a path of wisdom that we may live in harmony with all of our relations in the circle of life.

We honor all authentic spiritual teachers and sacred traditions that guide us in the way of love and right relations. And as a Native American church we practice some of the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples that also help us to maintain the well being of our body, mind and soul.

            The Ten Indian Commandments

Remain close to the Great Spirit…
Show great respect for your fellow beings…
Give assistance and kindness whenever needed…
Be truthful and honest at all times…
Do what you know to be right…
Look after the well being of mind and body…
Treat the earth and all who dwell thereon with respect…
Take full responsibility for your words and actions…
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good…
Work together for the benefit of all mankind...


Sweat Lodge ceremony - Temazcal
Into the womb of the Sacred Mother we go to rebirth our dreams and to recreate ourselves through the prayerful Intent that we offer to Grand Father Fire.  In the alchemy of the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water we transform and empower our bodies, minds and souls.  We offer prayers, ceremonial songs and 
go into deep meditative silence as we give thanks to the Great Spirit.  Through love and forgiveness we bless ourselves and all of our relations in the Circle of Life.  Lodges can be customized for individual and group experiences in a safe and gentle yet intense manner.  And can be combined with private healing sessions.
Energetic movements & healing practices - Shamanic prayer yoga including tantric kriya yoga with Cobra breath and other shamanic breathing modalities...
928-593-9178 cell
Native American Church

*Private shamanic healing sessions
to clear anxiety, stress, phobias, emotional & mental creative blocks & negative self-talk, etc. bringing healing & balance back into mind, body & soul...
Native style weddings which can include native flute, ceremonial songs, drum & sacred pipe performed in beautiful places in the Sedona red rock country...
*Astrological consultations
Astrology chart as medicine wheel...
Understanding your soul patterns as mapped by the birth chart with insights into manifesting your creative purpose in life via career, relationships & spiritual awakening...  
*Use of various predictive techniques including secondary progressions and solar arc directions, etc.
Also specializing in relocation astrology as used in Astro-cartography and Local space mapping...
My son Tonatiuh playing crystal bowls as I play flute
Sedona star grid / vortex map