SEDONA - sacred land

Sedona has become recognized as a sacred land; as a place of power known as an earth energy vortex. Many people are making pilgrimages to this and other places of power, being moved by an inner knowing that this encounter is what they need to help them on their path of awakening and healing.  The idea of Sedona being an earth energy vortex may seem like a strange idea to some.  It may be easier to consider Sedona as a sacred land the way native peoples have throughout history.  From this perspective we understand that the earth is a living being, our Mother, and within her body are many places that are sacred, places that function like organs and glands.  And connecting these places is the spider web grid of the earth's energetic body. This spider web grid connects these sarcred places similiar to the way the human acupuncture meridian system connects the vital centers in a humans body.  It is important to realize that there are many more power spots in the red rock country around Sedona to consider than just the popularized 4 major vortices of the New Age movement.   From a Native American point of view there may well be over a hundred power spots many of which are marked by ceremonial shrines, petroglyphs and ancient ruins.

Sedona is a remarkably beautiful and powerful area.  When driving into the red rock country one can be greatly moved by the presence of the majestic landscape.  Many have experienced emotional and mystical shifts in consciousness that can be quite overwhelming and unexpected.  The impact of such an encounter can awaken creative energies and potentials that may have been stagnant or unrealized. 

Because the Sedona area is in the high desert with its awesome red rock mountains and sandstone formations, it is predominantly of an electrical / yang / masculine nature.  An example of this would be the Bell Rock who's presence along the highway 89A will definately catch your attention and probably your breath.  But Sedona is also blessed with a stong female vortex area that can be experienced as the verdant Oak Creek Canyon whose womb like nature and many natural springs and flowing stream give us a strong magnetic / yin /  healing energy.  Then there is the largest vortex area which is located in the Red Rock / Secret Mountain wilderness and extends into the Dry Creek Basin area.   This vortex includes and is centered around Boynton Canyon and has a balance of electro/magnetic energy. 

The Sedona area is unique in that it has the three types (yin/yang/balanced) of earth energy power spots. Another place like this with all three types of energy is the Hawaiian Islands, though Hawaii is dominated by the feminine energy compared to Sedona's masculine energy.   Hawaii is also surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, yet here in Sedona we feel the presence of the long since departed oceans that once covered our lands.  In the sand stone rock formations we have over 300 million years of geological history.  Lime stone layers provide the evidence for the deposits left by the bottoms of oceans and inland seas.  It is believed that we have been at the bottom of the ocean at least 4 times during this 300 million year time period.  And that the land referred to as the Colorado plateau has risen and fallen with the great periods of earth transition bringing it to its present elevation of over 6600 feet.  It seems that what has happened is that the coming and going of the waters has eroded away the Moggollan rim leaving the red rock peaks as reminders of what was once a part of the plateau. 

Also of interest is the presence of ancient volcanos that surround the red rock country.  Looking up at the edge of the Moggollon rim and at the tops of the mountain walls of the Oak Creek canyon one can see the grayish basalt lava flows that erupted there over a million years ago.  And in the surrounding desert savanah, cinder cones and basalt pinnacles stand as a testament to a period of fiery geological history.  All of this adds to the mystique of this land, to its ancient presence,  and to the enigma of the indigenous people who understood the magic and power of this land and who just as mysteriously disappeared.
In the rock formations and pinnalces one can glimpse the guardian spirits emodied as sandstone silouettes who stand in awesome silence to remind us of the transitory nature of our reality as it pales before the threshold of eternity.  The Great Spirit watches over us silently and in that silence our soul's whisper to us of the wisdom that will guide us on our paths.  It whispers to us as a gentle breeze that moves across the land, or as the rumble of a distant thunder that speaks of a coming downpour as Father Sky and Mother Earth embrace in cosmic union.   It is this power embodied in a sacred land that draws us here that we might commune with its healing presence.  And so it is that we venture off to explore the wonder of the many well known and hidden places.  Each with is own quality, its own personality.  Each place revealing something unique about ourselves that can be discovered if we come receptive to the inner truth of our beings...       
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