The Sedona Vortex Experience
Sedona is known for its famous vortex areas.  The 4 most popular vortices are Bell Rock,  Cathedral Rock, Airport Vortex and Boynton Canyon.  It is said that they are either electrical, magnetic or a balance of electro-magnetic energy...  With the sun as the positive pole and earth the negative, earth energy circulates from her core through to her surface and focusing into her places of power.  This energy rises up into the atmosphere and comes back down as lightning bolts, which is the kundalini of the earth circulating back and forth between earth and sky. 

Let's start with Bell Rock.  It is shaped like a bell therefore it has the dynamics of a broad base that narrows funnel-like to the top.  Mountains are natural earth temples.  They are similiar energetically to pyramids and domes, which are vortex generators.  These structures act as antanae for earth energies and focus the energy up from the earth as a vortex spiral.  This energy which moves through the earth appears in our skies as lightning; as earth kundalini.  It is electrical in nature and spirals up the the rock formation and straight out the top.  Researchers have referred to this phenomenon as a standing columnar wave or as a pi ray.   The effect of this energy is such that you feel compelled to climb to the top of the rock if you are confident in your hiking ability.  Unfortunately, people have a tendency to over-extend themselves and have been known to fall and hurt or kill themselves, so be careful and come to the mountains with a spirit of great respect and reverance.  There is a saying "get high on a mountain".  That high is from the energy that the mountain connects us to and awakens within us.  It is the power of one's inner self coming forth.   This energy can help us overcome obstacles and reach the heights of our creative potential.

When you are high up on the mountain, it opens your vision to an expanded sense of perception.  It opens you to the possibilities of what the future may bring.   Because of that being on a sacred mountain is a good place to beckon your future to intervene in you life, to quicken your spiritual awakening.  On our dollar bill we see the Eye of God in a triangle at the top of a pyramid.  So too when you are seeking direction and a sense of personal vision you would want to climb the mountain to gain perspective, to expand your horizons, to commune with the Sky Father.   The desert is electrical and yang energy. The mountain is also electrical and yang in nature, all of which is emphasized by the reddish color in the landscape from the iron oxide that has rusted there.  The yang or solar energy connects us to our purpose, to our creative potential.  The austerity of the desert acts to strip away the conditioning of our socialized ego-self so that we might empty ourselves to receive inspiration and connection with the Divine...   

Because life as we know it is in reality a dream, as physical as it may seem it is still only the school ground for the education and testing of our souls.  .And like a dream our everyday reality can be read through signs and omens and it can be interpreted in symbolical ways.   By reviewing our dreams we can come to understand how our higher mind is giving us symbolic guidance.   In the same way our 3D reality also can be experienced as a dream and interpreted in a similiar way.  When we apply this perspective to the landscape  and the names  given to the various rock formations, etc. this is referred to as Geo-myth.  With Bell Rock we have the symbol of a ringing bell that is a call to  "Awakening".  The Bell rings forth a message to people that its time to go to church, school, work or dinner, etc.  It calls forth a message and insists on our attention.  The Bell Rock as a vortex awakens our root chakras and calls the energy upward into the center of our brain.  It can bring us into alignment with the Divine Will and set us on our path.  

Next to Bell Rock is the Courthouse Butte.  These two rock formations were once thought of as the bell and the church but the change to me reflects the split between the reality of church and state.  Both of these are supposed to be institutions that uphold the truth.  At our present social condition its a good thing that they are seperated.because the power and authority they represent could be and has been abused. .  Temples and governmental structures are places of power because  they tap and magnify the energy of their placement, energy which can be used as we seek to master the world and ourselves...

Twin vortex / power places of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock 
to be continued....
The Temple Rock formation at Boynton Canyon.

With the many vortex sites and power places located in and around the Sedona red rock country, there is a thinning of the veil that seperates our third dimensional reality with the higher dream planes.  This may allow people who are psychically sensitive to gain access into the spiritual realms.   Also because of the increased energy to potentially open your consciousness it is important that one come into the land with the right spirit.  You may be unable to climb the mountain but being at its base can still quicken your spiritual and intuitive energy while strengthening your motivation and intent.  Remember, you must clear away distractions  and /or emotional bagage that might clutter or block your clarity...   It may be important to find a quiet place where you could lay down, absorb earth energy and dream.  Also take time to do some yoga, conscious breathing and meditation...  For some people taking time to write in a journal can be quite helpful  as creative ideas and personal insight can unexpectedly burst forth..