The idea of power places and vortices has become a popular concept today.  But just what is a vortex and how can we better understand our relationship to it.  The first thing to understand is that a vortex is a center of spiraling energy.  We see this in the motion of our Milky Way galaxy.  This spinning wheel of stars is one of billions of galaxies all spiraling through space.  As above so below, the macrocosm is mirrored in the microcosm.   Our solar system is a spiraling vortex with the planets spinning around our sun.  Our earth and moon spiral through space as a planetary vortex that sustains all life as we know it.  And the atom as a vortex also spirals like a minature solar system.  The vortex is a basic law of creation, everything is moving in it.  Wheels within wheels within wheels.   

The vortex was understood in the ancient oriental mind as the Tao and was represented by the symbol composed of the yin and yang energies.  This interplay of opposites; of light and dark, conscious and unconscious, positive and negetive, day and night, etc... showed itself as the wheel of life with its unfolding cycles of interaction.  The Mayan / Toltec symbol that I use as my logo, the Hunab Ku is also a symbol of the vortex that is our Milky Way Galaxy and it speaks of the movement and measure at play in the dance of  creation.  The Medicine Wheel of the plains indians also was an expression of this understanding as its teachings embrace everything in the circle of life.

Referring to human beings consisting of male and female, we can also speak of the eastern concept of Chakras.  Chakra in sanskrit means turning wheel or vortex.  There are 7 major chakras in the human energy body, each represents a specific level of human consciousness and each links into the human endocrine gland system.  We can also refer to the human acupuncture meridian grid system from oriental medicine.  This energetic system distributes the life force throughout the body and its proper functioning is essential for good health.  These two factors interconnect and establish the basis of the human energy system / luminous body that emanates as the aura.

The earth is also a living being, and like the human being the earth has a chakra and energy grid system.  Some Native American peoples refer to the earths energy grid as 'Spider Womans Web'.   If you can imagine something like a snowflake crystal grid pattern that covers the earths surface you would get a good idea of its translucent appearance. The places which are meridian points on this grid are the power spots and vortices of the earth.  This web is also represented in the 'Dream Catcher'.   The circular hoop of the Dream Catcher with its woven web is like an antenna which can function similiar to a dowsing rod. It is placed in a north window to tune into the frequencies of the earths north pole.  With prayer intent it creates a link to the higher mind to help one receive guidance and protection through their dreams.  Other ancient peoples all around the world also recognized power places of earth healing energies.  They built their sacred shrines and temples in these places to access this power.

This earth power can be understood as the energy which moves through her body and then up into the sky manifesting as lightning.  This energy (earth kundalini) moves along the lines of force that we have referred to as "Spider Women's Web".   It was in the 70's that the Russians discovered these lines of force by way of their kirlian photography.  From satellites, kirlian photos revealed the earth's energy grid system.  This earth grid is a manifestation of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron energetically overlapping.   These are two of the five sacred solids that the greeks were famous for.   The icosahedron is 20 sided and corresponds to the Mayan zodiac of 20 signs.  We can also correlate it to the 20 amino acids.  The dodecahedron is 12 sided and corresponds to the western zodiac which consists of 12 signs.  We can also correlate this with to the 12 cell salts as well.   This crystal grid system also comes to mind when we consider the recently discovered (late '80s) carbon 60 molecule which is the minature version of the earth grid. 

Throughout the earth this grid system connects the places of power the same as the acupunture meridian system does for the human.  And like the human being the earth also has 7 chakras.  We can recognize these as the 7 continents.  Within each continental chakra there are 7 subchakras.  The Root Chakra being Africa with its primal rythyms and its earthy indigenous peoples.  The root chakra is one's primal instincts and procreative powers.  Africa's crown chakra is the great pyramid of Egypt.  This is a gateway of initiation into the greater mysteries of Spirit.  The crown chakra is where we open our consciousness to the Higher Mind, where we recognize the Divine Presence in everything.

The second earth chakra is South America.  It is a twin to Africa.  The passions and rythyms of latin america reflect this quality of emotional vitality.  The second chakra is where we process and assimilate the foods we eat which sustains our life force.  The crown chakra of South America is the Machu Pichu area.  Here there are also many sightings of UFO's and sacred traditions that connect us with the star peoples.
                                                             to be continued...

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The Earth Vortex & energy grid system