Pluto Lord of the Underworld

There are many ways to look at an astrological chart.  Sometimes people perceive astrology as a limiting concept.  Something that they must overcome to find true happiness and spiritual realization.  I don't see us transcending the indications of the chart, but rather fulfilling the potential indicated.  What we transcend is our limited understanding of the unconcious conditioning that perpetuates the repetive nature of our karmic inclinations and responses .  I don't necessarily see us limited by certain karmic signatures, but rather I see the opportunity presented to make more appropriate choices.  The astrology I do is linked to the soul's evolutionary intent, which is derived from a method of astrology pioneered by the genius of astrologer Jeff Green.  This and other leading edge perspectives in astrological thinking are sythesized into a unique style of astrology that I refer to as Shamanic Astrology.   It all begins with Pluto so read on... 


Pluto, the mythic lord of the underworld, represents the souls evolutionary intention.  Like a volcano, deep within the unconscious (the underworld) powerful forces move.  These forces can erupt causing great change in the landscape, giving birth to something that was once concealed while utterly transforming what was once familiar and known.  In the same way these evolutionary forces exert an impact on one's life. The eruption of this force can bring forth great personal metamorphoses.  This would be as one of those experiences that we periodically go through referred to as a death and rebirth, a
psychological shift or rite of passage, etc.  These shifts occur because we need to keep moving with our growth process and / or because our fate has come to to a place of culmination.  Sometimes we hold on to the past or fail to recognize the importance of the changes within us that must be acted out sooner or later.  This can cause a sense of stagnation or frustration at our inability to make the next step.  And if we fail to act on the necessity to deal with inner growth issues, Pluto's influence can then be experienced as an external catalyst for change and upheavel brough about by circumstances outside of our control. 
It is preferrable that we act on this urge for growth and metamorphes than to allow for it to force the issue in our lives.  Everything is influenced by the power of this evolutionary intention.   It pushes us out of the old and familiar where we cling to our security and familiar ways of being and opens us to the transforming power of our soul's intent.  Its not always an easy or pleasant experience encountering Pluto's ruthless force.

In mythology, Pluto's realm was one of great riches. All that we desire and become attached to and that which represents power to us is symbolized by this mysterious realm of the underworld.  On a psychological level, Pluto represents unconscious security and that which we cling to that we believe will give us that security.  When we are secure, we feel in control and when we are in control we feel that we have power.  Pluto is a symbol for power.  Pluto's power is dualistic in nature reflecting the duality inherent in the soul.   Everybody likes to have power and feel like they are in control of their reality, but if we are to evolve spiritually and psychologically, that means that we must continue in our growth process and take the next step and become that which we are not.   To make the next step in our personal evolution means that we must let go of the past and move into the future.  The future holds much potential for our growth, but it also takes us into the unknown and therefore, into that which is yet to be secure . Security versus insecurity, power versus powerlessness becomes the issue.  So we gravitate to that which gives us security, to that which empowers us.  Because Pluto is Lord of the Underworld, this means that it is an unconscious drive that propels this urge for security.  This urge to secure that which we have known is linked to our past life times.  To that which we have done before and which therefore defines the known and familiar.  This gives us a sense of self-continuity, of carrying on where we left off even if unconsciously.  And through this we have found a sense of personal power.  

To identify the nature of this soul pattern in the birth chart, we determine the sign, aspects and house placement that Pluto occupies.  Pluto's placement will thus describe the pre-existing patterns in identity association that the individual will naturally gravitate to in this life.  This will show the principle theme that animates the Pluto dynamic in one's life.  The next most important signature is the positioning of the Moon's nodal axis.  This can be referred to as the line of destiny showing the flow from the past into the future.  It is the orbit of the Moon which represents our conscious security patterns and our ability to adapt and grow as people.  The Moon's South Node shows where we are coming from (past life themes) and therefore describes the mode of operation that allowed the individual to fulfill or actualize the desires or intentions described by the Natal placement of Pluto.   And the North Node shows where we must go and describes the evolutionary lessons that we must encounter.  The house placements of the Nodes and the planets that rule the signs occupied by the Nodes will be directly involved with this process also.  By linking Pluto with the Moon's nodal axis we have described before us in a natal chart planetary signatures that reveal our soul's evolutionary process and how we might fulfill it.  The information revealed gives remarkable insight into the meaning of our present life conditions and of the changes that we find ourselves going through.

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