Planet Angularity
And the great circles that map the birth chart

Here we have the position of the planets at the time of birth for Bill Clinton.  The horizon, prime vertical and meridian great circles are included on the map.  The prime verical is the line that crosses directly overhead at his birth place in Arkansa and is running due east and west where it eventually converges with the equator and horizon circles.   It is the intersection of the prime vertical and meridian that forms the cross of the natal chart which we also see in the Medicine Wheel.   Planets that are touching or in close proximaty to these lines of reference are activated or energized in their expression, and  therefore have a strong affect on one's life experience.   This is what is referred to as ANGULARITY and shows the major influences in a natal chart.  Another expression of it is when planets are in square or hard aspect to each other.which is angularity of ecliptic placement.  The path of the ecliptic is the apparent path of the sun.  The ecliptic is actually the orbital path of the earth around the sun.   Planets find their place in the zodiac along the ecliptic.  The ecliptic circle is not included on this map but when planets are conjunct it they are at their nodal axis and therefore also are empowered.   To view this map as a world globe.

If you were to analyse the placement of the prime vertical on Bill Clinton's natal map, you would notice that traveling toward the east there is a cluster of planets.   These planets are Neptune (obscured), Mars, Venus, Chiron and Jupiter.  Neptune and Mars are also aligned with the Equator, as is the asteroid Juno / Hera who in mythology was the wife of Jupiter/Zues.  Juno's myth is quite interesting, especially in relation to her husbands many illicit affairs. You will also see that Pluto is in close proximatey to the prime vertical.  Another important dynamic is when planets are at the same distance (declination) above or below the equator which also will bring them into prominence.  This is referred to as parrellel of decination.  Here we have the North Node (obscured), Uranus, Part of fortune,  Mid-Heaven, and Pluto all parrellel of declination.  These placements become a dominant influence in Bill Clinton's natal chart / life no matter where he may relocate.   All of these aforementioned measurements are an important means for determining the strength of one's natal chart and destiny...     
Horizon circle