This is a 3 dimensional representation of the Medicine Wheel.  It consists of 3 great circles whose intersections establish the 6 directional power points.   The 4 compass directions, above (zenith) and below (nadir) surround the   point which is at the center.   We as individuals occupy this place of power at the Center. 

This energetic pattern is expanded and projected onto the world and establishes the structural dynamics of one's astrological birth chart or soul blueprint.  From this perspective, the center point is the energy core of the earth which is the focal point for our soul energy.

From this perspective, the individual would occupy the zenith point on the earth's surface.  For the earth that zenith point would be the North Pole or crown chakra.  The Horizon Circle surrounds the individual 360   and is quartered by the 4 directions.  The horizon circle for the earth would be the equator. 

The circle running from east to west through the zenith and nadir is the Prime Vertical.  And the circle running from north to south through the zenith and nadir is the Meridian.  These are projected down onto the earth's surface and are the cross of the Medicine Wheel.

In the Astro-map, any planet, sun or moon, etc. that is in close proximity (conjunct) these 3 great circles becomes activated or energized and therefore has a strong influence on one's life.  As above so below...  These geometric dynamics measure the human, the earth, the solar system, etc...   When we  project the planetary bodies onto the earth's surface, these points of reference are also measured in the same way.  And when we  travel to the places on the earth where these circles / planetary lines are indicated, then the energies as represented by the indicated  planet become awakened / activated in our lives...

As we advance on our spiritual paths, first we must start from the human level and master our Sphere of experience.  Next we are initiated into the mysteries of the earth, later we may evolve into the solar mysteries...  The teachings of the wisdom fire guide the way...
By connecting the 6 points of power with blue lines we have revealed an octahedron pyramid.  This is our sacred space...  It has been referred to as the Diamond Mind.  It is electrical blue in color and is our soul vehicle.   It is also known as the Merkaba.  If you were to experience it, it would be like being a genie in the bottle;  the genius awakened...