Here we have a copy of Bill Clinton's chart.  The 4 angles are emphasized with red to show where in the chart they are located.  These 4 angles are the framework of the chart and have been referred to as the "cross of self-hood".  As you can see his Ascendant is conjoined with a stellium of planets.  This grouping of planets is a very strong indication. The sign on the ascendant (1st house cusp) which is Libra represents the place of the rising sun.  Libra is a social influence that makes him open and receptive to the ideals and perspectives of others.   His Leo sun is in the 11th house because he was born several hours after sunrise.  The 11th house is the house of social goals and group participation.  Being  that he is a Leo, this shows the creative motivation and intent for the realization of his own unique sense of personal and social self-
actualization.  There are 12 houses in an astrological chart.  Where the sun is located shows where we are to integrate our sense of purpose and creative well-being.    
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