Aries   Correlates to a desire to break free from all kinds of past patterns, and to begin the evolution of all kinds of new patterns.  There is a need for the freedom to explore whatever they feel as necessary for their self-discovery.  There is a tendency for a self-centered and narcissistic orientation to life and the strong sense of something special to do or accomplish.  The will is strong and there is a need to establish their own authority.  Their evolutionary lessons are fulfilled as they embrace the Libran polarity. Learning how to treat others as equals, that others needs and desires are equally important as ones own, and being able to listen to others and give to others as is needed.

Taurus   Correlates to a desire nature that seeks to become self-sustaining and self-reliant.  There is a need to discover, actualize and establish ones own value system and the meaning of life reflected in those values.  There is an instinctual resistance to accepting or adopting the value systems of anyone else so that one might discover and actualize the values most in alignment with the current meaning of  their life. Great rewards will come through sustained efforts focused on the goals and objectives that fulfill the evolutionary requirements.  By embracing the Scorpio polarity, and understanding and transforming the limits of what defines ones values, motivations, desires and essential needs, this allows for personal growth in recognizing the relativity of other peoples values, beliefs and ways of being. 

Gemini   Reflects a desire structure that is energized through the motivation of independent thinking, and the desire to question every accepted opinion established by any authority.  The mental temperament can be argumentative and combative.  Gemini desires to create its own mental constructions about the nature of things, to expand its level of awareness and consciousness through the expansion of its mental horizons.  The desire nature is restless and curious, and can pursue many different directions simultaneously.  There is a weakness of not following through or completing anything.  By fulfilling the Sagittarius polarity, this allows for the establishment of a foundation of philosophical thought to relate the various ideas into an intuitive perception of the truth.

Cancer   Correlates to the desire to create a safe, secure personal reality in order for its evolutionary intentions to be actualized.  This will be experienced primarily through family, home, and trusted friends. The evolutionary intent is to move from a dependency on external forms of security to realize that the security required lies within oneself.  Potentially difficult childhood scenarios that disrupt a sense of emotional stability can be the reason for displaced emotions and anger.  This can be expressed as jealousy and possessiveness.  By fulfilling the Capricorn polarity, the individual will learn to accept responsibility for their own actions, to become totally self-determined, to become emotionally mature, and to access the causative factors for their various emotional states.

Leo  Correlates to a soul who desires to take charge of and be in control of its life and destiny.  Creative independence will be emphasized relative to a personal will structure that instinctively resists any circumstance or person that attempts to restrict any experience or direction that one desires to act upon. There is a tendency to be self-inflated and self-important, and a need to be recognized or acknowledged for how special one is.  This is a evolutionary reaction related to unconscious memories of having no power or personal control of ones life.  By fulfilling the Aquarius polarity, these people will learn to validate themselves from within themselves without constantly demanding praise and recognition.  There is the need to link one's creative purpose to a greater social need and to help others to creatively actualize.

Virgo  Correlates to a soul desire to create essential crises as a vehicle through which to actualize its core evolutionary and karmic intentions.  The soul desires to humiliate and purify itself, and to create experiences of disillusionment in order to understand the nature of its actual reality - and the reality of anyone or anything else.  This is essential as the soul memory from recent past lives of less than honest intentions and motivations create an unconscious sense of guilt and need for atonement.  This emphasizes the need for personal discrimination and the coming to terms with one's desire nature.  There is also the desire to understand the nature of its core feeling of utter aloneness and emptiness.  This emptiness can result in a need to keep doing one thing after another in order to avoid this sense of inner aloneness.  By fulfilling the Pisces polarity, one can find the inner connectedness and meaning of life by linking with valid spiritual traditions.  This will allow for an expansion of consciousness from the immediate or specific circumstances or dynamic to the "whole picture" through which they can understand the basis or cause of what is immediate.  In this way they may begin to resolve unconscious negative patterns and any sense of personal inadequacy. 

Libra  correlates to a soul desire to actualize its karmic and evolutionary intentions through the initiation of relationships with a diversity of types who represent different values, beliefs, and ideas.  In this way, the soul is able to expand its consciousness through the importation of new ways of understanding the nature of reality.  In evolutionary terms, the soul is desiring to learn new ways of being in relationships with other people, to challenge the culturally established and sanctioned forms of relationship dynamics, to learn how to balance its needs for independence with its needs to be in relationship, to learn how to give and receive in equal ways, to learn how to understand the nature of its projections onto people (and
vice versa), to learn to create  new understandings of itself through the information and perspectives of others, and to learn about the karmic law of sexuality that binds and bonds people over many lifetimes. Through a free flowing exchange of ideas, values, and information, they are able to make a determination of their own values, beliefs, and reality.  Mars in Libra reflects a soul that is able to accept and support the individual reality of many different kinds of people.  To embrace the Aries polarity, it is important not to lose sight of their own desires, needs, and to honor their instinctual nature, even if that means being absolutely alone.  This will prevent the projection of their anger because of the lack of personal direction.

Scorpio  correlates to a soul desire to penetrate and understand the mystery of itself.  Consciousness is focused on the nature of its desires, the nature of its motivations and the intentions that are reflected in those desires, and the psychology that those desires, motivations, and intentions produce.  The soul's intention is to understand the nature of its emotional dynamics, to understand the nature of personal power and the proper and improper use of such power, to understand the right use of will at an egocentric and soul level, to understand how the misuse of will is linked to manipulating others in order for the mars in Scorpio persons desires to be met, to understand  the nature of its personal limitations relative to what is and is not possible, the reasons and role of inner and outer confrontation, and to understand the nature of sexual energy and the right use of such energy.  There is a desire to do a tremendous amount of personal work on itself in the sense of evolving beyond and metamorphosing the nature of all its fixed patterns of behavior and compulsions of all kinds, i.e. jealousy, possessiveness, sexual compulsion, trust issues, etc. To embrace the Taurus polarity, it is necessary to learn the lessons of self-fulfillment, self-reliance, and self-sustainment.  In so doing, an evolution in attitude and inner orientation will be accomplished that produces a state of self-empowerment, and the ability to access their own personal metamorphoses.

Sagittarius  correlates to a soul desire to actualize its evolutionary and karmic intentions through a progressive expansion of its mental and philosophical horizons.  There is the lure for the call of distant horizons which can lead into a series of adventures throughout life.  Each adventure reflects a key learning experience in which the underlying principles of life are progressively understood and the soul understands it's place in the scheme of things.  There is a desire for personal truth and personal honesty, and therefore, a desire to expose all of its personal lies, exaggerations, indiscretions, or half-truths.  The nature is boundless and restless, and this energy is focused on the intuitive rather than the deductive or empirical rationalisms. This makes for a natural teacher with a desire to learn about the lighter side of life and to express a sense of humor, this due to unconscious memories of a more difficult nature.  In order to embrace the Gemini polarity, it is important to realize that whatever one has come to understand about the nature of "truth" is not the only truth, that the truth is relative.  And that there are many paths that can lead to the same goal.  This will prevent the need convert others to ones point of view via argument and confrontation.

Capricorn  correlates to a soul that desires to penetrate and set free all causes of personal inhibition, constraints, restraints, and repressions.  The desire is to arrive at a personal freedom that is not limited by moralistic or religious conditions that create a sense of guilt and attempt to control the instinctual impulses that emanate from the soul.  There are unconscious memories of an intense exposure to authoritarian power and control, and to parents who themselves potentially have been conditioned and/or emotionally repressed due to the fear of negative judgment and persecution. Due to the need to conform to established authority, there can be a tendency to live a "double life" with the resulting "psychology of
concealment".  To access the Cancer polarity, these souls must completely change the nature of their inner self-image, and thereby the egocentric structure of their consciousness.  For this to occur, it is imperative for them to reflect on all the causes that have lead to a cumulative state of guilt, and the negative self-image that this produces.  This will allow them to see the causes of their emotional restriction and deep fear of vulnerability that has been compensated for through the creation of a stoic persona.  The need for complete control and authority masks their insecurity and unconscious need to lose control.  The Cancer polarity represents the letting go of emotional restrictions in order to access their vulnerability, need for nurturing and emotional/sexual healing.

Aquarius  correlates to a soul that desires to actualize its overall life purposes on its own terms.  In order for this to occur the soul will create a personality that is energized  (Mars) to detach from the immediacy of circumstantial life.  This detachment is all-inclusive relative to the soul's family of birth, its peer group, and the society into which it is born.  Through detachment, the soul is then able to objectively survey the nature of the values and beliefs that define the current structures of consensus reality.  In this way, one will aggressively rebel against any external pressure to conform to the expectations of any external authority.  Early in life this will manifest as an awareness of what one is not.  Progressively, the awareness will transform into what one is as a unique individual - accomplishing self-definition through the values and beliefs that are unique to and reflective of its specific individuality and lifestyle.  There is a desire for a progressive transformation and redefinition of ones individuality, this resulting in a sense of unpredictability and future orientated directives.  To embrace the Leo polarity, one must fully and creatively actualize that which is unique and different in them, and to encourage this development in others without feeling threatened by the unique abilities of others.  

Pisces  correlates to a soul desire to penetrate and energize all of the desires that have been held in an unconscious state over many recent lifetimes.  There is a need to bring to culmination an entire cycle of evolutionary development.  In order for this to occur, the soul must act on all remaining desires that have been held at an unconscious level and thus not acted on.  This can relate to a strong imagination and to fantasy.  These imagined realities can seem to be very real to the person with Mars in Pisces and yet to others, they can seem quite unrealistic or naive.  On the one hand, Mars in Pisces has the inherent power to manifest and make real the desires within the unconscious that appear as initial imagination- the power of belief can make probable that which would be improbable for others.  On the other hand, many of these imagined realities will not manifest into concrete reality no matter how strong the belief.  There is a need to come to terms with any escapism tendencies and the susceptibility to all kinds of addictions.  Because of the unconscious awareness of why certain circumstances manifest, there may also be a tendency to feel victimized by life and by others.  This can generate anger acted out in a passive/aggressive scenario, going from persecuted to persecutor.  Until the soul awareness comes to an understanding of why it is creating these circumstances can it move on to realizing its true intent.  This is the desire to be pure.  Relative to this soul desire we can have guilt if there has been deviation from what is defined as pure and good.  This guilt can then lead to a complex of psychological dynamics that can reflect the extremes between the sacred and the profane.  To embrace the Virgo polarity, this means to embrace a consciousness that is able to intellectually discriminate and understand the connection between the desires that emanate from within ourselves, and the circumstantial realities that these desires create. Once this is accomplished, the feeling of being victimized by life will dissolve.  They will learn to take responsibility for their own actions, and stop blaming everyone else for the very conditions that they have created themselves.  Through analysis comes self-knowledge, and this knowledge can be used for healing whatever wounds that they might have.

Mars through the signs*
*this information on Mars through the signs is derived from the writings of Jeff Green, a good friend and great astrologer.  For more information the reader is referred to the book 'Pluto, the evolutionary journey of the soul' volume 2  
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Mars - Mythic god of War

Mars as god of war represents how we come forth to meet life's challenges.  Mar's orbit is just outside of the earth's and symbolically represents a centrifugal force that leads us out to discover our way in the world.  As we go forward on a path of discovery quite often we encounter others who are also coming forth motivated by a variety of desires that fuel their momentum.  This encounter with others can be experienced as a healthy competition that challenges us to greater achievement.  Unfortunately, this competition can also turn into outright hostile aggression bringing the worst of human nature to bear.  War has been a part of the human condition with all of its destructive implications.  

So Mars influence can be experienced as the anger resulting from conflicting desires.  So often we struggle in a world of duality projecting our issues onto someone or something outside of ourselves.  Once we realize that we are conditioned by this struggle, we can change our orientation to liberate ourselves from this program.  We can redirect this martian energy toward the fulfilment of our soul's evolutionary intention.   As we come to understand the nature of our desire and find appropriate expression for our passion, we can begin to realize our journey of self-discovery and renewal.  This begins the path of the spiritual warrior.  The  battle of the spiritual warrior is with the ignorance of the lower self.   Anger, hate and misplaced desire are some of the traits that are to be conquered.  Courage, leadership and independance are some of the qualities that are cultivated.  Creative passion is the motivation...

Mars is an expression of our conscious desire.  Our desire moves us to realize some goal.  Through the lessons learned and the stuggles overcome, we evolve on our path of self-realization.  Mars is the leading edge indicator of our conscious evolution.  Linked to the position of Pluto, which is the driving force of our soul's evolutionary intention, we have an indication of what we must do to fulfill the deepest desires of our soul nature.  Where Mars is located by sign and house in our birth charts and the aspects it makes will describe the nature of this evolutionary journey.