Eclipse Pattern of July 1st, 2000

July has two solar eclipses this year, one in the tropical sign of Cancer at 10 degrees (july 1st) and the other at 8 degrees in the sign of Leo (july 30th).  They sandwich a lunar eclipse which occurs at 24 degrees of Capricorn (july 16th).  Usually there is only one solar eclipse accompanied by a lunar eclipse approximately every six months or so.  The number of eclipses in a year can vary  depending on the proximity of the New and Full Moon to the nodal axis.  The nodal axis marks the movement of the Moon's orbit around the earth.  When it aligns with the Earth and Sun we have eclipses because of the orbital intersection at those times of the lunar cycle.

Eclipses have always been regarded with respect and awe by ancient peoples who practiced the heavenly art of astrology.  Quite often when appearing in the skies overhead they were portents of social change and upheaval, especially when the Sun was totally eclipsed by the Moon.  Now in these times of change and uncertainty people are again paying much more attention to the influence of these luminaries.  Astrologically, they are triggers for circumstantial events and psychological responses relative to the placement of the eclipse in one's natal chart.  If the eclipse hits important points in your birth chart then you can expect it to be influential in your circumstances.

Eclipses can show shifts in one's affairs.  The Sun represents one's present sense of purpose or identity which, blocked out by the Moon, can show issues from the past arising back into prominence that must be handled in a constructive way.  It can also bring unexpected developments that change your course of action for better or for worse.  It's a great opportunity spiritually to resolve karmic patterns that may come into focus at this time and to creatively meet new opportunities since a solar eclipse is a release of strong New Moon energies.   The  New Moon is a time in the lunar cycle of new beginnings, located in the sign of Cancer shows issues linked to family, security and emotional needs.  With the planets Mars, Venus and retrograde Mercury also in Cancer, we have a strong instinctual / emotional emphasis that must be tempered by objective introspection and self-awareness if one wishes to avoid unnecessary discord.  Putting in order one's affairs linked to home and family is important, as is the healing of any old emotional wounds, sense of aloneness or feelings of vulnerability.   Establishing a greater sense of stability that can support your future needs will be a motivating influence, as are matters related to extended family and community concerns.

Below we have the eclipse map that occurs on the 1st of july 2000.  You can see the alignment of the Sun and Moon just south of us here in Sedona, Arizona and directly below the cross of the 4 corners states. Unfortunately, the Moon is just south of the Sun (hidden yellow disk) at such an angle so that we are not able to see this eclipse from the northern hemisphere which occurs just below our horizon circle.  Below the green line shows the area for viewing the partial eclipse of the Sun .  To be continued...   Leo eclipse
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