July 2000 Leo Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse occurs Sunday July 30th at 7:25 pm.  It is a partial eclipse not visible to those of us in the southwest.  It is the second of two solar eclipses in the month of July and is located at 8 degrees 12 minutes of the sign Leo.  As mentioned earlier, eclipses have always had a somewhat unfortunate quality associated with them.  Especially total solar eclipses when they appeared overhead in your skies were seen to be portends for disruption.  This seems to speak of karmic implications that shape our social reality  but they also can show indications in our personal lives as well which can be identified by the house position and aspects it makes to planets in the natal chart.

Obviously eclipses can be seen as opportunities to resolve past issues or to somehow meet challenging circumstances in a positive way.  Both of the July solar eclipses are aligned with the Moon's north node.  It is the Moon's nodal axis that has been referred to as the line of destiny.  The Moon's influence speaks of emotional needs, security patterns and personal growth dynamics that relate to how we meet the world.  The north node is the active or positive pole of the lunar axis while the south node is the passive or negative pole.  As the active pole, the north node signifies our direction for personal growth through applying ourselves to effectively meet the challenges that our environment presents us.  This also relates to the people that we are or become involved with that share common goals or interests with us. 

Since eclipses are based on the relationship of Sun and Moon these archetypal themes are emphasized by the occurrence of the eclipses in the Moon ruled sign of Cancer and the Sun ruled sign of Leo.  The Sun's influence speaks of one's creative identity and  purpose, how we shine our light.   It is a masculine symbol and represents the symbolic king or ruler and that's why a total eclipse of the sun over ones skies was an indication for the end of the king's reign.  The sign and decanate that it occurred in would also be descriptive of  what  kind of indications could be expected.  The same goes with the lunar eclipse and issues related to the queen, etc.  It will be interesting to watch how our political process unfolds as the presidential race heats up.

This eclipse is in the sign Leo where there is an emphasis with creative expression, recreation and sharing from the heart.  How strongly one's life direction and purpose is affected will depend on the strength of the impact to one's natal chart.  All the while the Moon's north node is traveling through the sign of Cancer which relates to home and family dynamics, as well as the establishing of security through extended family and community interests.  This influence from the previous Cancer eclipse will still be in effect for sometime as will the Leo eclipse which can be triggered by planetary transits that hit their placements. 

The question is did the eclipse in Cancer bring disruption to your home routines or stability?  Did old family issues come up to be aired out?  Were there emotional wounds that required attention?  On the other hand, on a more positive note, were you motivated to establish a greater sense of personal and social stability and comfort?

So with the Leo part of this equation creative expression and purposeful intention comes to the foreground. Are you finding creative fulfillment or an outlet for your creative needs?  Are you being recognized for creative talents or interests that you partake of?  Or are you being motivated by some sort of ego-centric self-indulgence that potentially brings with it disruptive consequences or ego competition?  This solar eclipse occurs for us while the sun is setting in the west in the house of relationship and it will be in opposition to Neptune.  Relationships may feel the pressure of this and many may come to an end if they are unable to resolve complications.  As always it will be a great time for spiritual focus and ceremonial intent.  With the intangible quality of Neptune being stimulated projects begun now may lack grounding unless one takes the time for practical considerations.  It may be a time that requires just going with the flow without expectation and allowing the universe to open us to new possibility.  Faith, prayer and trust will help one through any potential confusion or loss of direction.  It is important to believe in yourself and allow your heart to shine

At the time of the eclipse the sun and moon will be on our western horizon and located to the southeast of Japan.  The moon's position is slightly north of the sun, therefore the eclipse will be most visible from the arctic region above the pink line and between the green ones as indicated by the astromap.  The greatest area for viewing will be the northern portion of Greenland aprox. above Iceland which is exactly opposite the longitude position of the sun and moon. See map below...