Solar Eclipse June 21, 2001

This month's total eclipse of the sun takes place on the summer solstice at 4:58 a.m. mountain standard time.  The solstice is a significant time as the sun culminates its apparent northward motion and 'stands still' before turning southward in its yearly cycle of declination.  This means that the cycle of Light has come to its fruition as the longest day of sunlight in the year.  What has sprouted forth from the spring equinox now has taken root and become established in its growth pattern.  The foundation is set, issues of security and stability come to the foreground as the domestic influence of the sign Cancer comes into play. 

The 4 cardinal points of the year cycle (equinoxes & solstices) mark important turning points as the seasons of the year bring forth their impact on all life on earth.  This is the dance of the Medicine Wheel.  The summer time corresponds with the direction of the South.  This is the time of the child, of growth and nurturing.   Ultimately, it's about feeling secure with life circumstances and therefore placing emphasis on the requirements of our home and family.  This can include extended family, community relations and our relationship with the earth as a planetary family. 

So what does the eclipse bring forth at such a time?  First of all, the Grandmother Moon is blocking out the light of the Father Sun.  The places on the earth where this appears in the skies are most subject to the energetic impact (see map).  We know that the sun has been through a cycle of major sun spots affecting the atmosphere and stirring up social consciousness.  And that we are living in a time of accelerated change and prophetic possibility.  There always seems to be a disruption of the energy field affecting the earth plane during the time of solar eclipses.  Therefore old issues usually come up to be aired out as the unconscious is given free play to manifest what has been dormant.

Astrologically, we have a major configuration with the planets Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini opposing Chiron, Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius.   Unfortunately, the Saturn / Pluto part of the equation in not an easy combination, especially when you include Mars into the pattern.  These planetary influences are prone to manifestation through power struggles and polarization of consciousness.  And with Saturn and Jupiter we have the planetary indicators that rule over the socio-political / economic order.  This polarization has been seen recently in our political shifts of power in the Senate and controversy with the world government regarding global warming, and missile defense systems, etc.  The balance of power has taken center stage for national and international issues.  Chiron is also included in this see  saw.  Chiron's cathartic influence will call forth the need for wholistic thinking and alternative's that might find middle ground via shared interests.

Gemini and Sagittarius are signs whose themes are linked to ideas and philosophies.  The rulers of these signs are Mercury and Jupiter conjunct with the eclipsing Moon and Sun.  Jupiter has a tendency for optimism, to see things from a larger perspective.  This is a positive symbol as it can bring people together for a greater good.  Yet Mercury is retrograde most of June which can complicate communication resolutions.  The retrograde of Mercury can bring forth issues from the past that need clarification.  At the times of retrograde motion forward momentum is somewhat delayed as revisions of plans clear the way for future potentials.

As always the gates of power in the year cycle linked to solstices and equinoxes, and to the phases of the moon which culminate at the times of eclipses give us a great opportunity to come together in ceremony for planetary healing and renewal.  As ceremonial times we can invoke the power of Divine Providence to aid us in this time of transition.  The world karma is such that we as Light Workers have to continue to keep a focus of ceremonial and social intent that can continue to call forth a planetary awakening.  Yet it is just as important that we find stability and healing in our personal lives so that issues related to security and emotional needs, etc. find fulfillment through the embodiment of this solar force that now comes to a peak.


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This astromap shows the red line as the path of the eclipses shadow.  It starts out in the Atlantic Ocean just to the east of Buenas Ares and passes through Africa to Madagascar.  Viewing is limited to that area below the green line and down to the blue lines.