Sedona map and star grids

This star map of Sedona's landscape temple was first introduced by Nicholas Mann, whose investigations into the geomantic influences of the Sedona area resulted in his book entitled Sedona Sacred Earth.  At that time I was doing the Sacred Earth Tour and invited Nicholas along to participate in some of my tours.  Some of the ideas and places described in his book reflect stories that I shared with him, although he put some of his own spin on that information, especially regarding the man and woman who stand back to back at Cathedral Rock and the appearance of the Temple of Isis, which I describe as the three figures of the Goddess.  Whats especially interesting is the revelation of the pentagram and hexagram formations and the places of power that they map, as well as their connection via a symbolic chakra system.  And of course,  the appearance of the 'bird' taking flight and the symbolic expansion of consciousness and perspective that accompanies this flight is a beautiful contribution to the creative imagination that seeks to dream awake the geo-myth of this sacred land.