Spring Equinox 2011

I began writing this article on the spring equinox.  I wanted to update it with more information that I didn’t have time to write before.  So here it goes.

We have entered the time of Spring. And it is a time full of powerful astrological influences.   The Spring equinox begins with the sign of Aries.  It is a time of awakening and new beginnings.   What makes this equinox so powerful is the arrival of the planet Uranus to O degrees of Aries on March 11th, and the great earthquake Japan experienced on that same day.   

Uranus is the planet of awakening and disruption.  The Sun joined Uranus as it entered Aries on the 20th of March.  This coincided with the Super Moon / Full Moon which happened on the 19th in the late degrees of Pisces – Virgo. The axis of the Full Moon also formed a grand cross with the Dragon's head and tail; which is another name for the moon’s orbital axis or nodes.  It is a very powerful indication which can intensify earthquakes and storms, and create a tidal wave of social repercussion.

So these next few months of Spring will be very intense as the influence of Aries is Fire.  The sign Aries is ruled by the war god Mars.  Mars will enter Aries on April 1st.    The potential for greater military conflicts and escalating world tensions are a strong probability, as is the news full of stories about fires and the attempts to contain them.  Jupiter is also now in Aries having entered in the latter part of January.  Jupiter’s influence is one of expansion and beneficence.  With Uranus, Sun and Mercury already in Aries, these creative energies can inspire much beauty and innovative developments from artistic, economic and social / political expressions.  But there is the concern relative to the emphasis of the Fire element for things to get out of control if negative expressions come to the fore. People can become very angry if they feel they are caught in a difficult social reality.

So the influence of Uranus’ journey in Aries lasts 7 years.  Later this summer it will come into a hard aspect with Pluto (which remains in Capricorn for 13 more years).  This dance of these two powerful planetary energies will go on for another four years.  This is a time where we will have to be spiritually strong and rise to meet the challenges of the new time that is coming in.

Also of importance is the arrival on the scene of Comet Elenin.  This comet is stirring up a lot of controversy.  Its orbit is coming very close to the earth in the Fall season, where we may find ourselves in its tail and maybe a little too close for comfort.  Its presence is stirring up the energy field of our solar system, and it may be a trigger for disturbances on the earth.  Comets are usually seen as messengers of the ‘Great Beyond’, bringing to light something of importance.  Sometimes it can represent a person or a cause that comes to prominence for better or worse.  So keep an eye to the skies come the Fall time.

Many years ago I had a close encounter with a UFO.  Later they contacted me telepathically, and in the Dreamtime.  They told me that I was to be a spiritual guide here in Sedona, and to speak of love and inspiration.  They spoke of higher consciousness and of a ‘higher domain’, which I believe is related to the 5th dimension.  They told me that there would be a 'great awakening' in consciousness and a time of 'great earth changes'.  And that ancient prophecies would come to pass.  I believe we are now at the beginning of the great awakening.  Earth changes are intensifying.   Social unrest is happening in the Mid-East, as well as, public demonstrations in Wisconsin, stirring the pot of social change and unrest.

A wave of quickening is coming upon our planet.  And with these changing times, fear is on the rise.  It is so important for us to raise our conscious awareness to a vibration of love and gratitude and to send love and healing intent to the world and all that live upon her.   Starting with the Spring equinox and the times that follow, we must come together with our prayers and spiritual aspirations. We must come together with practical solutions and community spirit for the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves.  Like a surfer we must catch the wave before it crests, that we might ride it to 2012 and beyond.  So I am requesting and reminding all of you to come into meditation and prayer at the power times of the day, month and seasons of the year.  Let’s call forth love and healing for our planet, and to see the earth surrounded by an aura of divine protection.  Come forth with courage and love and resonate with all those who share this Intent.  May all beings be free from suffering and illusion...  May all beings awaken the spark of divine consciousness within.  May this reality we share shift gently into greater peace and enlightenment.  So be it...