Mercury retrograde is a good time to put things in order. Its a time to review and correct mistakes and come into alignment with your heart's intent.   Sometimes old issues come up into the light of day to be rehashed. 

Its not a good time to start new projects or make contractual agreements, but sometimes such actions are unavoidable. So move forward with positive intent and know that there may be changes to plans and a need to make adjustments.

know that with positive loving intent all things flow in beauty... and allow the Spirit to guide you with what is versus what might be.

Mercury  retrograde is a time of the coyote teaching.  Coyote is trickster.  Sometimes it is good just to laugh and not take things to serious, especially oneself.  And its important not to complicate things unnecessarily, and be mindful of our words so as to empower each other, and clarify our understanding.

And most importantly don't be too attached to how you think things should be.  so go with the flow and know that we live one day at a time, and its a blessing...

                                                                    * * * * * *
When things seem to go wrong, and the more you push to get things done and you find yourself frustrated, that's when the coyote is laughing at you. What issue buttons and belief systems are being triggered for you?  Time to look within and see what's going on with you.  Why is my reality creating problems for me?  That's a good place to start. Maybe there are control issues being triggered.
                                                       * * * * * *
There is a joke that goes something like this 'IF you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans'.   Life can be challenging, but when you stop and tune in. listen to your inner guidance. surrender your frustration, get the help you need and maybe burn some sage and smudge your space, then things can begin to flow in harmony. Not everyone experiences difficulties under mercury retrograde. We are magical beings, you just have to understand how to create magic in your reality...

                                                       * * * * * *
When computers and things don't seem to be working well, its always good to have a back up plan. Not just for you computer issues, but also if you live in areas that are vulnerable to disruption, like from weather extremes and earthquakes etc.  If we become too invested in the usual flow of our everyday life, and not have options in case of unexpected problems, then it can be a real test for us depending on how severe our reality is impacted.  So regarding computers, we have a back up of our information in case the computer shorts out.  So too we have to watch for signs regarding what may need maintenance in our day to day realities.  It may be a good time to begin to consider having an emergency pack handy in case of the unexpected. blessings...
Mercury retrograde - notes and comments from my facebook posting..