The Grand Alignment in Taurus
New Moon May 3rd, '2000

Our reality moves through cycles of influence that are directly related to the motions of the planets of our solar system, including the sun and moon.  These planetary and lunar rhythms, sun spot cycles, etc. have a profound effect on the experiences of all life on earth.  Of special importance is our sun's journey around the Pleiades star system and our alignment with the Galactic Center which is said to be complete by the winter solstice of  2012.    This is the culmination of a period of time referred to as the Harmonic Covergence which began in 1987 and is based on the calender system of meso-america.  

Because of this alignment to the Galactic Center many are awakening to the realization of a great shift in consciousness that corresponds with a changing of world ages and the awakening into a Golden Age identified with the sign of Aquarius.  With this potential shift of consciousness comes great hope and expectation.  But it also brings up issues of insecurity and fears of unwanted and unexpected change as our social reality becomes vulnerable to the pressures of planetary evolution and to the whispers of the unknown...

Of particular interest was the culmination of the 20th century and the uncertainty of the Y2K dilema.  The ending of the millenium with all of its religious implications linked to various propechies was also of major importance, especially for those who looked to the astrological indications to gain greater understanding as to the unfoldment of our modern history.

August 11th of 1999 was the date of an important solar eclipse which occured in the sign of Leo.  This eclipse was a part of a larger planetary pattern referred to as a grand cross which included the planets Saturn in Taurus, Uranus in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio.  This cross pattern intersected the midpoints of  the equinoxes and solstices to form an eight armed pattern that closely corresponded to the eight great power days of the Druids, and esoterically identified with the 'power of avantaric descent'.  A very powerful astrological indication it was indeed.  It also coincided with the culmination of the Aztec calender whose central figure To-NAH-tiuh, the sungod presided over the ending cycle Nahui Oleen, which means 'movement or earthquake'. 

Where a solar eclipse is visible is usually the geographical area of greatest impact.  By mapping the path of this solar eclipse which appeared over Europe, it revealed an area that included the war torn (Mars) country of Yugoslavia and areas (Turkey and Greece) that were to experience major earthquakes  within a relatively short period of time afterward.   Earthquakes were significant in other areas around the world also such as the ones that occurred in Taiwan and  Mexico.

It was the great american prophet known as Edgar Cayce who predicted that the western coast of the U.S. would experience great devastation by earthquakes by the end of the 20th century and that the earth would move off of its axis via a pole shift before the year 2000.   So it was no wonder many were saying their prayers and holding their breaths as this time of 'earthquake and movement' came upon us.

On February 5th of 2000 again we had another solar eclipse this time opposite the Leo eclipse and located in Aquarius.  This time the sun / moon combination was conjunt with Uranus.  This eclipse also triggered the previous eclipse pattern of '99, as such points of occurrence leave a cosmic imprint on the fabric of collective consciousness that  we call the zodiac.  In other words, these are sensitive points similiar to planetary positions in one's natal chart and are able to be stimulated by future transits / movements of the planets, etc.

Uranus plays a significant role in this as it rules the sign Aquarius and was involved in the grand cross planetary pattern from the previous solar eclipse of '99.  Uranus is the planet of awakening and / or disruption.  With it comes change and social unrest.  Progressive thought and group involvement is attributed to the Aquarius influence, and from its ruler Uranus comes the revolutionary spirit to overthrow limiting and outmoded social conditions and shift the dynamics of personal and social relationship patterns.  This has been especially strong because Uranus is in square aspect to Saturn.  This particular square shows a pattern that challenges one to integrate the need for change while maintaining the reality structure in ones life that provides a sense of security (Saturn in Taurus) and continuity.   This aspect which is part of the Grand Cross / square pattern is one that has been stressful for many, yet potentially liberating for others who are making the necessary adjustments to restructure their realities.

So on to the Grand Alignment which like the previously mentioned Grand Cross is a very potent planetary indication.  From the earth's vantage point we have the visible planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury along with the Sun and Moon at the time of the new moon (may 3rd) all in the sign of Taurus.  This is a unique combination which usually takes hundreds of years to repeat and yet only as recently as February 1962 did it happen in the sign of Aquarius.  Of course, the 60's  were recognized as a time of major social unrest and revolutionary consciousness full of uncertainty with life hanging in the balance of the cold war.   (An interesting idea linked to the concept of time suggests from a metaphysical viewpoint that any powerful astrological trigger for a major event has an orb of influence surrounding the time of exact measurement.  This planetary lineup in '62 occurred between the two largest earthquakes in recorded history.  The  Alaska quake on March 27, 1964, was the second-largest ever recorded. The magnitude 9.2 earthquake trails only a 9.5 recorded in Chile in 1960).  This Aquarian lineup of '62 will soon be squared by the lineup in Taurus during May 2000.   Again we have a repeat of the themes of Aquarius (Uranus) square Taurus (Saturn) with both years having corresponding solar eclipses within one degree of each other at 15 -16 of Aquarius. 

This time the emphasis is on Taurus.  Taurus is an earth sign, one that expresses itself through nature as fertility and sensuousness.  It is ruled by the planet Venus and its key words are 'I Have'.  Its influence is one of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness.   Taurus corresponds with the instinct for self-preservation and survival.  Possessions and resources are emphasized. Taurus is identified with the Bull and so we have the idea of the Bull Market.  In this time of so called prosperity many people are playing the stock market and making money.  And yet there is an uncertainty that causes the stock market to fluctuate hinting at a potential crash that is more than just a correction.  This is the influence of Saturn in Taurus squared by Uranus in Aquarius...   This stressful aspect between these two powerful planetary influences can make or break individuals and / or companies...

Uranus rules all the high tech stuff / computer and internet communications, etc. that is challenging the way business is done.  Uranus influence represents that which is new, therefoe it rules all inventions and pushes scientific boundries past old definitions.  It is opening up all types of opportunity through the so called information age which allows everybody a chance to get online and gain access to an unlimited range of knowledge that can potentially revolutionize our social reality.

Saturn is the planet of tests and lessons.  It is not an optimistic influence as it requires hard work and patience from us.  Saturn teaches us to make the most of what we have, cutting back on any over extension of our resources.   With Saturn in Taurus we have a strong theme of right use of resources through proper budgeting and management.  It is important to live within ones means so as not to over-extend one's capabilities and create financial hardship.  Through hard work, proper investment and savings, one masters the test of Saturn in Taurus and lays the foundation for future abundance.  Since Saturn also rules our fears, and therefore limits our choices, it is important to have a clear idea of what we are capable of and what it is that we truly value and find worth in.  It is especially important to believe in and value oneself by developing ones potential and making it work for you.

The planetary lineup is mainly dominated by Saturn and Jupiter.  These are the two gaseous giants that are the largest bodies of our solar system.  These two planets can be referred to as the directors of social consciousness.  They refer to our place and expression in society as opposed to the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun and Moon which correspond to our personal lives and direction.  Obviously our personal interests have to align with our social participation in order for us to find happiness in the socio-economic reality that we find ourselves.  This grand alignment gives us this focus. 
Its important that we really make the effort to put our priorities in order...

It is Jupiter's expansive influence that allows for an optimistic sense of social participation.   Jupiter is known as the great benefic; the planet of opportunity, personal wealth, social prominence and professional prestige.   How well one connects to and  fulfills their unique sense of destiny will be determined by the success of their interplay with  the energy of Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter in Taurus suggests a  time to fully develope and utilize one's resources, investing one's energy in whatever one feels has the potential to provide financial stability  and comfort.   Self-sufficiency is a strong theme.  Product ideas related to the earth, food production / cultivation, fuel sources, health supplements, etc. will become prominent.  With  the influence of Uranus stimulating an interest in new technology and computer related products, video, dvd, internet commerce, etc. will be an area of interest where alot of financial play will be focused.  The jupiterian impulse must be acted out in context with the  practical considerations required by Saturn if one hopes to succeed.

Every planetary pair moves through cycles of relationship similiar to that of the Moon and the Sun.   We see this through the various moon phases that appear in our skies in a period of one months duration.  
There are  eight phases which complete this cycle and each one has its own unique quality that characterizes its stage of progress.   Begining with the NEW phase and culminating in the FULL phase and then gradually declining to the end of the cycle and the beginning of the next, everything ruled by the particular cycle must unfold its progress along these guiding stages of development. 

This grand planetary alignment as mentioned previously is dominated by the inclusion of Jupiter and Saturn, which have a cycle of 20  years.   Our social-economic cycle corrpesonds with this Jupiter / Saturn cycle.  With the alignment of the inner planets coinciding with the outer we have a very special circumstance indeed.  This new cycle corresponds with a phase of potential new beginings in our lives that will determne who and what we are in terms of our participation in the society in which we live.  The choices that we make now will determine how our personal / social and planetary reality meets the future.  Our quality of life and survival as a species may depend on it.

Where this conjunction falls in ones astrological birth chart will map out the potential for the individual to grow into their social / professional identity over the next 20 years.  This pattern of unfoldment will culimate in 10 years similiar to the peak energy of a full moon, while at 5 and 15 years will mark points of critical transition.   Individuals and societies redefine themselves at the times of these conjunctions as new cycles of growth begin.  Interestingly enough there has been a pattern of the president of the United States who was in office at the time of the conjunction dying.  Each of these conjunctions took place in an earth sign as we have now.  The president to break the pattern was Ronald Reagan who survived an assassin's bullet.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at that time took place in an air sign instead of an earth sign and many astrologers felt that was the reason he broke the so called curse of the president dying every 20 years.  It seems back at a time when American presidents were breaking treaties with the Native Americans an Indian prophet known as Deganaweda prophesized the death of the presidents as a curse for the lies perpetuated on the Indian nations to take their lands.  An interesting social karma for a powerful new nation...

So we are in a time period of a Grand Planetary alignment which offers us a chance on a societal level to constructively make changes that are beneficial to our environments (Taurus).  This may help guarantee the survival of the human race because our greatest resources come from the earth.  We have major lessons in how to best use and manage these resources via recycling and alternative energies that are non-polluting and non-threatening to the balance of nature.  We know that weather patterns are intensifying and that there is an intensification in solar storm radiation and global warming creating a greater potential for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, flood and volcanic eruptions, etc.

We live in a time of potential prophetic fulfillment.  Wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in diverse places, etc., etc...  Yet we also live in a time of great possibility.   It is important for the consciousness of the masses to awaken to the necessary changes that can insure our survival into a hopeful future.  As things intensify it will be a wake up call for everyone to put their spiritual priorities in order.  It is important for those who are the light workers to come to terms with their mundane issues so as to provide inspiration and leadership.  If we are to shift into a golden age it won't happen without the help of the higher powers that guide our planet.  Our relations from the stars will continue to covertly help shift the world consciousness in positive ways and to help bring balance to the earths' vibration.  We are becoming a planetary society, we have to become responsible to focus our intention and action to allow for the possibility of global healing. It is an important time to connect with the earth with ceremonial intent, to pray with the elements and to ask of the  'Greater' to aid us in this time of planetary shift. 

Many of the prophecies and visions of great earth changes have come and gone without heavy consequences.  How long can that continue?  We are being given a chance to make the necessary changes in consciousness so that the prophesized planetary upheaval may be avoided or should I say lessened.   We have to remember that we are spiritual beings embodied on the earth plane being given a chance to awaken, a chance to shift the dream to one of beauty.  It can only happen by aligning ourselves with the power of the Great Spirit.  We have to realize that death is a birth into the Spirit, so to awaken on our paths is to awaken from the fear that limits us from fully being.   If we continue to strengthen our connection to the Divine, then there is nothing to fear.  Like the saying "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel"  it reminds us to be practical yet to keep our faith.  Eventually we all must return to the higher planes of existence, may we all look back at these times and smile...