Life is beautiful... and full of magic, yet there is unrest and discord on the planet.  Seasons change and consciousness shifts with it.  Change is the nature of reality.   We have been told that we are on  the threshold of a new Golden Age.  That the Mayan calendar ending in 2012  brings the ending of our current way of life and the TRANSITION into the Age of Aquarius.

Within this window of time between 2011 to 2020, do we have to go through the upheaval of a planetary axis shift?  Or will enough people awaken to the power of love and living in harmony with the planet to change our direction for the better?

There have been many who have received visions or contact from higher intelligences that predicted the earth axis shift and End Times scenario, especially since the 1987 Harmonic Covergence.  And throughout the 90's earth change maps showing a new earth with beach front property coming to Sedona by the year 2000 came to our awareness.   And they were wrong at that time.   And with that many people have dismissed this possibility to be the delusions of our modern psyche and the repressed fears of Armegeddon.

How do we remember that we are spiritual beings when most people are pre-occuppied with the challenges of everyday living?  How can we have peace between warring nations when there may be discord within our families?  How can we have understanding when there is strong disagreement in political, religious and scientific views?  What will it take to bring us together in one heart, other than the manipulations of another 911 type attack that has conspiracy written all over it?

Is it not the earth changes happening around us that is the wake up call?  Is 2011 the worst year for natural disasters that we have ever seen and it's not over yet?  Of course, we are all hoping that it calms down and this 2012 thing passes by as another joke.  Nothing like an impending earth axis shift to get you to start praying and living like your karma really counts.  And most importantly we must ask the question 'what is the meaning of life and death', and find within our hearts an answer that allows us to live fearlessly and with compassion. 

For me, understanding the near death phenonenon has been quite helpful.  Not only my own experiences but the many others who have shared their stories with me, and the research that various doctors and investigators have put forth.  Knowing that death of the physical body does not bring the end of your consciousness, and that if you have love and sincerity in your heart that you will move on into the heaven realms and meet your relatives who are already there.  This is a powerful realization that can shift us through direct perception.  Not theories and mental speculations, or living in denial, but soul centered knowing that can guide us into a new time.

Full Moon reflections  8/13/11
Awakening to sacred intent